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Parents play an important roleMany parents find that talking to their children about sex is not easy. Some wonder how to start or what to say. Others may be more comfortable but worry that they don’t know all the “right” answers. Our free Parent Toolkit contains information and resources to help parents become more involved and confident in sharing information and values about sex with their children and teens.

Some of the materials included in our Parent Toolkit are:

  • Washington County Free Library Brochure – lists books, and DVD resources for  available at all county libraries
  • Brochures about Talking to Your Teens about Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and Sexual Responsibility.
  • Brochures with STD and Birth Control Facts.
  • “Are You an Askable Parent?” tip sheet – highlights how to approach the subject of sex and values with your teen.
  • Local and National Statistic sheet – reviews important teen statistics.
  • Information and Resource sheet – shares websites where parents may seek additional information divided into Abstinence Based and Abstinence Only sections
  • Teen Info Card – Wallet sized card highlighting free clinical services for teens and 24 hour hotline numbers

A lot of information is available to you online, and we’re working to make that information more accessible – on our website or on websites that we link to. And yet, sometimes the most helpful information is just there when you need it, whether for your and your teen or to give to a friend in need, and doesn’t depend on Internet access. Fill out the form below and we’ll mail you our free Parent Toolkit. (For Washington County residents. Not in Washington County, Maryland? Please see below.)

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Parent Toolkits are free to you, but we do incur a modest cost to produce them. We simply ask when you obtain a toolkit that you……

      Read it, Share it, Pass it on!!!

While we are happy to share our resources (that’s what we’re here for!), our primary focus is on Washington County parents and youth. For toolkit requests outside of Washington County, we ask that you contribute $5 to help us cover our costs for shipping and materials. Thanks for your understanding. We are happy to accept tax-deductible donations from those who reside in Washington County, too. It all helps!  Thank you!