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You Mean I’m Supposed to Feel this Way?

Did you know that feelings of hopelessness, sadness, impatience,  mood swings and irritability are normal experiences for a teen?! Yes, friends. Just because you are feeling down and out does not necessarily mean that you should call a doctor right away and plan on spending some time in therapy. Many of your crazy teenage feelings […]

Virgin Mary

Mary and the Ultimate Unplanned Pregnancy

A recent article caught my attention (and my imagination); it dealt with the controversy over this billboard image: Yes, that’s the Virgin Mary holding a home pregnancy test. Some of those in New Zealand who saw this billboard felt it was sacrilegious,  even though it was a church who posted the billboard. The point they […]

Feeling the Crunch… and Dealing with It

Hi, everyone! This time around, I wanted to focus on something important coming up for teens – seniors in particular. Let’s just say it sucks, it’s time consuming, and some parts, pointless. Can you guess? COLLEGE APPLICATIONS!!! Why am I talking about this? I chose this because it is actually hindering me from blogging on […]

Postcard from Las Vegas

Hello, everyone! I’m sure you’re all wondering where I have been and why the next article in the depression series hasn’t been posted yet. Well, I’m in Las Vegas!!! While I’ve been here, I’ve witnessed a few things and thought I’d offer you some food for thought. My mother-in-law and I were waiting in line […]

2011 State of Our Teens Report

I’m very excited to present our 2010-2011 Annual Report to the Community! In the report, we outline the many ways in which we were able to reach 8,962 teens over the past year. Some additional highlights include: The number of teen births dropped again in 2010! Births to Washington County teenagers (ages 15-19) have dropped […]

Get the Facts, Make a Pledge

This World AIDS Day, make a pledge to get yourself tested. If you’re a teen in Washington County, you can get free, confidential testing at the Washington County Health Department. In addition, the Health Department is the only location in the area that offers rapid screening via a simple finger prick, meaning you’ll get your […]

Not the Glam Life – A Teen’s Take on Teen Mom 2

Okay so…Teen Mom 2! As MOST of us (unfortunately) know, Season 2 of Teen Mom 2 is coming back Tuesday, December 6th. I want to know everyone’s take on this – how do you think it is affecting teens today? I personally think it is – wait for it – good for teens. I mean, […]

How Could “They” Be Depressed?

Have you ever heard that someone is supposedly depressed and, knowing the person, said to yourself, “What do you mean they’re  depressed? They have everything! They have nothing to be depressed about!” Well friends, here’s a crazy fact about depression: it does not discriminate. Depression can affect anyone, at any time. Unfortunately, no one is […]