Faith-Based Resources

We’re really fortunate that the faith community in Washington County has come behind us to support our efforts to reduce teen pregnancy! Our Faith-Based Initiatives (FBI) workgroup is very active and plans many activities throughout the year. Anyone can join this group, which typically meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7 pm at First Christian Church in Hagerstown. Please contact FBI Chair Diane Eves for more information.

Just Say Know

We are especially proud of our association with Rev. Linda and Richard Goddard of CLER Ministries in Texas. They have developed the Just Say Know curriculum for various age groups to teach the biblical basis of human sexuality and relationships. Two classes for high schoolers have been offered in Washington County, at Beaver Creek Church of the Brethren and First Christian Church. We’ve previously offered a class at Faith Christian Fellowship in Williamsport. We are also able to offer the class at churches throughout the county, so please let us know if you would like more information on bringing this class to your church.

Created to Be Me®/ Eighters Camp

In summer 2009, we offered the first Created to Be Me Camp to be held in the Mid-Atlantic region. Created to be Me (a.k.a.Eighters) camp is a week-long camp for eighth graders going into ninth, teaching the basics of human sexuality and relationships from a biblical perspective as the teens face the important transition into high school. We are happy that camp was a success again in 2013 and look forward to bringing you information about the Summer 2014 season: check for updates on our Created to Be Me page.

Watch and listen as Camp Director Lara Shepherd explains the importance of Created to Be Me and why she made the commitment to get involved.