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Hello! My name is Phoenix Do and I am currently 14. I'm in the 9th grade at North Hagerstown High School where I'm in the International Baccalaureate Program. I love sports and especially karate. The Steelers are my favorite football team. I'm an only child, it does include its ups and downs though. I'm very active in my community joining and participating in any club or competition possible. My goal in life is to be a surgeon general, specifically a hematologist. I've been blogging since I was an 8th grader at E. Russell Hicks and am now a contributing editor at TeensHaveChoices.org.
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Teens & social media

What’s Up? Social Media Is

Hey guys! I think I’m always going to start off a blog post by saying that. It’s like my catch phrase. Twenty years ago this wouldn’t have been possible though; you reading this from a computer or phone or me typing on my laptop. Honestly, anybody over eighteen probably sees technology as something crazy that’s […]

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Let's join together to stop bullying.

Bullying and What Goes on in a Teen’s Life in 2013 – Part 2 of Bullying Will Stop and People Are Here

Hey guys, this is my follow up blog for my initial one about the death of Laisha Gross. I felt that I had missed some key points about bullying and I had more to explain about what happens in school. I hope any speculation or ideas can be reaffirmed in a different way in this […]

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R.I.P Laisha Gross: Bullying Will Stop and People Are Here

Hey guys, before you keep on reading, it would be nice if you stopped for a brief moment of silence. On Sunday, February 17, 2013, Laisha Gross attempted suicide by hanging. The young girl did not die right away, but was sent to a D.C. hospital where she died on Wednesday, February 20, 2013 at 6:15 A.M. […]

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Decisions, Decisions…

Hey guys! So there’s a point in everyone’s life where they have to make important decisions. Not like what to wear or eat, but choices for the future and such.  Peers are always going to have some type of effect on your moral being unless you truly are 100% careless and aren’t human. With that […]

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Ways of expression

Ways of Expression: The Arts

Hey guys! Okay, so I know I did a previous blog about music, but this time I want to talk about “The Arts” in a general perspective. When I say that, I mean not only visual arts like sculptures and paintings, but also instrumental art, such as music, literary arts, and performing arts.  Each form of […]

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Revolution on NBC

TV Show Review Time: Revolution

Hey guys! Okay, so this week I’m doing a TV show review on the new NBC Drama/Sci. Fi. show Revolution. This show airs Mondays 10:00 P.M. to 11:00 P.M Eastern Time. I usually record it in case I have some homework to do or I fall asleep and can’t stay up that night. I do […]

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Trying Something New: Cooking

Hey guys! When you’re young, it actually is easier to learn something new. Your brain is still wired to learn and try new skills before you subconsciously do something that you’re used to doing. People like to do something because it’s either literate, physical, or problem-solving, and its objective or goal interests the person. A good way […]

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Tips from a Teen: On Being Healthy

Hey guys! Eating right and being fit are actually important things in life. Being fit makes you feel happy and upbeat. Exercise makes your nerves, muscles and bones work, and gives you a better looking physique. Having healthy foods makes your body happy, and powers you throughout the day.  I know a lot of people are […]

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