Mission, Values and Vision

The mission of Teens Have Choices is to reduce teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections by empowering youth to make healthy choices.

      1. We believe that sex in adolescence has serious consequences and abstinence is the best choice for teens.
      2. We believe education and knowledge are essential for teens to make healthy decisions.
      3. We believe that adolescent pregnancy and parenting present substantial, long-term challenges for adolescents, their children, families and communities.
      4. We believe that sexual issues and values are best addressed at home and that quality community resources are an absolute necessity to help families fill this role.
      5. We believe male and female partners are equally responsible for preventing early pregnancy.
      6. We believe there is more than one approach to addressing the issue of reducing teen pregnancy in Washington County and through collaboration and by embracing our diversity, we will make a difference.
      7. We believe successful adults are confident, competent, productive, independent, happy, self-sufficient, healthy, knowledgeable, responsible and thoughtful.

Washington County youth will make healthy choices and will become successful adults positively influencing future generations.