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I think I’m always going to start off a blog post by saying that. It’s like my catch phrase. Twenty years ago this wouldn’t have been possible though; you reading this from a computer or phone or me typing on my laptop. Honestly, anybody over eighteen probably sees technology as something crazy that’s beyond its time. I really can’t explain it. Most of my friends take this stuff for granted. We see it as a way of life and something that’s integrated into society. Something really important to us is social media.

facebook-logo-glazedReally, Facebook isn’t even popular for most people I know. The age bracket for that is about 13+ with most new middle school students thinking it’s cool and even elementary school kids. The apps that are popular now are separate things of Facebook that practically break them down. I do want to clarify that when I say us I mean my friends and people I know in high school. Most people now are usually on their phone while checking out Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and Snapchat with a couple other occasional sites like Tumblr, which seems to have died because of Yahoo, along with Path and Pinterest. Really, some of these aren’t accessible on the Internet too. You can’t post pictures on Instagram from a computer.

twitter-logo-glazedMost people I know are usually on Twitter now posting random stuff. Since it’s accessible on a phone, most girls I follow Tweet about every 30 minutes or so. Most likely the time spent on there is about at least an hour average per person a day. Then there’s Instagram, it is owned by Facebook by the way, where people post pictures of random stuff that seems cool. That’s usually about 30 minutes a day. Also something that has just come on the scene recently: Vine. It’s basically YouTube limited to a couple seconds; it’s short and sweet.

With that said a lot of people are really naïve and unaware of what they do these apps. Most people don’t realize that if you put something out in this big world of digital servers, anybody can access it. I say that because the World Wide Web doesn’t matter anymore. Snapchat is a popular app that can’t be accessed on a computer at all. It’s just a big server that processes information and sends it back and forth between devices. I don’t want to get into it because I don’t truly understand it either. None of us really think about this anymore.

instagram-logo-glazedBack to the aspect of being unaware of what happens on these apps, people tend to post things that, adults, and parents would strongly disapprove of. That would include pictures that are a bit to vulgar and people fighting and saying derogatory stuff. It’s almost like somebody’s diary. That’s probably why people don’t really keep diaries anymore. I try to stay away from doing that myself as much as I can, just because I actually think about what I do or in this case post or send before I press the glowing button on my screen.

I try to think about if a college I was applying to would look at what I do. I would hate to be other people, seeing what they post and send. I’m glad I’m not them. I don’t try to be to be an angel, I just don’t do anything I’d majorly regret. That goes for pictures too. Somebody can save an embarrassing picture which could ruin your life. Other options for a different aspect of security would be to turn on your privacy settings and not let anybody see what you post. This is where I get into the realness of security while on social media.

Stuff you post can be open to anybody in the world and personal information like where you live and monetary information is also included. I really recommend not to put where you live because people now a days are a bit off and you don’t want to find a random stranger knocking at your door; I don’t want to get into further details. It wouldn’t be that much of a bother to remember what you say and do, and to configure your privacy settings.

There are bad sides to social media; the lack of real life interaction; staring a screen for hours; also the lack of physical exercise. I think most of us though know when enough is enough and to go get some sunlight since it’s summer especially. The world does seem a smaller place, though. I have followers from about 20 different countries on Twitter. I think that’s really cool.

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  1. Janis Williamson June 27, 2013 at 6:47 pm #

    “Honestly, anybody over eighteen probably sees technology as something crazy that’s beyond its time.”

    Ouch! Some respect, please! LOL. A lot has certainly changed in technology in 20+ years. Here’s where I admit that my first computer was a Timex Sinclair 1000 that used an external (cassette) tape recorder for data storage and a small black and white TV for the display. It had a whopping 2K of RAM. Yes, your phone (anyone’s phone) is a more powerful computer. :-)

    I won’t even talk about dial-up. ;-)

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