Bullying and What Goes on in a Teen’s Life in 2013 – Part 2 of Bullying Will Stop and People Are Here

Md Youth Crisis Network 1-800-422-0009Hey guys, this is my follow up blog for my initial one about the death of Laisha Gross. I felt that I had missed some key points about bullying and I had more to explain about what happens in school. I hope any speculation or ideas can be reaffirmed in a different way in this post. One thing I can say is that we don’t know why Laisha did what she did. She might or might not have been bullied and she might or might not have had troubles at home. Even if we don’t know for sure what happened, we should still look at bullying. Plus, this is from my younger perspective. With this, parents and teachers know what is going on they can help. For anyone looking for help, the Maryland Youth Crisis Hotline is available 24/7 at 1-800-422-0009.

Honestly, to tell the truth, I cannot lie about what goes on in all schools now. Parents and teachers have to be aware of what really happens. I don’t know how the influence came to be, but in 6th grade mature topics are thrown into conversation. This is a positive and negative thing. Politics, social issues, and real news topics are discussed. Also, there is young influence about sex, drugs, girls and guys being gay, and illegal and immoral activities, possibly influenced from music and other forms of media.

Social media is a good thing and a bad thing. I’ve been able to catch up with people I’ve looked up to in elementary school and meet friends of my friends who are now my good friends. The thing is though, these sites are so vast, that children are not protected from things that children should not be seeing. With adults being unfamiliar with this technology, they take for granted their kids are being angels and are only talking to their friends about school and sports.

The topics are outrageous to be honest. Most of my news feed and Twitter feed is trash. And I think the pressure and rapid change of pop culture is leading to collapse of self-independence. Right now, people judge you on your looks and clothes. You build reputations off of one event. Everybody has a social group, even though it might not seem like that. Egos have never been higher. People are just so disapproving of other people, if they are not like them.

Technology has allowed people to talk to somebody without being face-to-face. One cannot see human reactions such as a sad face, blushing, and happiness. That seems to be a problem about socializing through technology. When harassment takes place through technology, that bully can be more confident, they may be more narrow-minded as they are just reading words. That person cannot see that reaction that all humans know: those little movements that show somebody being uncomfortable, afraid, or shy.

Teachers overlook a lot of details in the classroom, from my perspective at least. Some teachers don’t understand what students go through, and those troubled students are the one’s who are called out by the teacher all the time. That teacher may not know the circumstances for that student, and I don’t blame them. What happens now in real life for kids is incredible. It’s hard to grasp though. Only with empathy it seems people can truly help somebody. Or at least acting like that. That isn’t true though. You don’t necessarily have to be or have been in that person’s shoes to help somebody. A good friend or just somebody to talk to can really help out a person. There’s no need to be a therapist or a wizard of sorts to help somebody and offer a lending hand. If an apple a day keeps the doctor a way, an act of niceness can go along way for somebody who’s down.

Parents need to really help, too. I cannot emphasize the difference of what it was like years ago for parents. Before, I believe insults weren’t as intense as they are now. Physiologically, parents may have bumps in understanding their child’s situation initially. They have a perspective molded over years, and it is so different now than it was before. Handling new situations may be hard for some. Parents though, can help their children.

I really think communication is important in any relationship, secrets lead to bad habits and lies. Parents really need to talk to their kids, and be accepted. A problem is that sometimes kids are to scared to tell their parents the truth, and they keep feelings and thoughts bundled inside. If students are unable to talk to a family member honestly, I believe they can talk to a school’s guidance counselor.

Affects of some of these serious situations are, if not treated, depression, loss of sleep, and suicidal thoughts. This is not some reading from the back of a prescription pill bottle, but friends have told me this. Something needs to be done. Words do hurt a lot. Everybody is different, and they hurt differently. I don’t think I can be so easily hurt anymore. I realized before what was actually going on around me. It came to me just one day but now I’ve become more aware of what was happening around me.

I’m not trying to put any of the blame on adults in this blog post, but the thing is, not every 13 year-old will think as I do. Naivety and ignorance are bliss in a sense. Children need an adult influence in their life to lead them in the right way. I have friends and know people who have grown up without a true parental figure, an adult you can talk to about anything and who understands you. These people can struggle with different aspects of life. Being open to anybody can change one’s view on topics. They will hear different opinions, gain advice, and rethink things.

Let's join together to stop bullying.

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One person, such as myself, cannot spread the word. Plans need to be made, events, gatherings, and action. Everybody has to be aware of the situation of bullying, and how big of a threat it poses to kids now. Everybody has the chance to be heard. Every school has its problems, but from what my friends in other schools have told me, bullying, teasing, messing around and other forms of disheartening communication need to be addressed.

As a whole community, people can do something as long as there is a drive to advocate for real change. This problem isn’t some one time thing, it’s a reoccurring problem, that needs to be noticed by all. Teachers, parents, students, really will try to go for change. This is something that affects children. Students, I believe, will be interested in this. It’s something that can be related to, unlike some choices about lights and budgets.

Bullying needs to – and will –  stop,


Check out this video about a man who has dealt with bullying as a kid. I found this meaningful and deep.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltun92DfnPY]

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